We live in an era of rapid change, where Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a revolutionary force in the corporate world.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and virtual assistants are emerging as key pillars for companies and for managers of various functional areas including sales, customer service, PMO. These technological aspects offer a wide range of opportunities to improve operational efficiency, increase productivity and boost innovation.

AI can analyse large amounts of data faster and more efficiently, enabling managers to make more informed and evidence-based decisions. Through predictive analytics, AI can identify patterns and trends in historical data to anticipate customer needs, predict market trends and optimise sales and marketing strategies.

Virtual assistants represent another powerful application of AI. These assistants can manage interactions with users, providing immediate answers to common questions and guiding customers through predefined processes.

For managers in certain areas, the adoption of AI and virtual assistants represents a significant opportunity to optimise operations, improve team effectiveness and remain competitive in an increasingly digital and automation-driven market. The key is to understand how to integrate these technologies strategically and exploit their full potential to drive innovation and business success.

In our exclusive webinar – REGISTER – we will explore how the Digix virtual assistant, powered by artificial intelligence technologies, can transform every aspect of your business manufacturing. From operational efficiency gains to rapid decision-making and improved user experience.


Innovation: How AI and related technologies such as Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing optimise sales, after-sales and order operations.


Efficiecy: The importance of having a virtual assistant working continuously, improving decision-making and operations without interruptions.


Integration: How the virtual assistant integrates with your existing systems (ERP, CRM, PLM, Supply Chain, HR).


Use Case: How Digix helped a customer improve the sales and customer service process



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