In its latest review, Microsoft’s annual report collects global data on how work environments have changed after a year “remotely”, and highlights some essential trends that all companies should know to prepare for the new era of work hybrid.
It is increasingly evident that, in a phase of gradual reopening and relaunch on a global scale, today’s choices will lead to the future success of each company. That is why these decisions are critical to ensuring growth.
The Microsoft study has highlighted the important evolution of the workplace over the last year, among which we note:
Time spent in meetings more than doubled globally and over 40 billion more emails were sent in February 2021 than in the same period last year.
Work has become more human: about 40% of respondents said they felt freer to be themselves than before the pandemic and one in six admitted to crying with a colleague over the last year.

Group of young business people are working together in modern office with laptop, tablet, smart phone, notebook. Successful team in coworking. Freelancers.

The survey also revealed the approach of a real revolution in the world of work and 73% of workers said they want remote job opportunities to continue, offering greater flexibility.
Called “The Next Great Disruption is Hybrid Work – Are We Ready?”, The Microsoft study highlights the need to rethink some well-established practices to prepare for the new world of work. Here (LINK) you can read the entire report.
In conclusion, the Work Trend Index highlighted five strategies that companies should adopt to support their evolution:
• Define a plan to guarantee people maximum flexibility;
• Investing in spaces and technologies to unite the physical world with the digital one;
• Counteract the feeling of “digital fatigue” from above;
• Giving priority to corporate capital and corporate culture;
• Rethink the experience of workers to support the best talents and promote diversity.

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