Service and Retail

We optimize investments and operations, adapting the business to market dynamics with agile technological solutions that grant a competitive advantage.

Meeting the needs of consumers who are ever more sophisticated, optimising processes, creating efficient supply chains and developing innovative and satisfying customer experiences are the main challenges that face companies operating in the retail and service sectors which face a high level of competitiveness.

Experience teaches us how, in these sectors, it is essential to undertake a digital transformation process that includes services, client relations, internal procedures and is able to develop new and effective ways of interaction in an omnichannel context. It is necessary to move well and quickly, refine investments by directing them towards the most promising projects and technologies, and optimise operations by focusing on the unlimited potential of digital.

At Digix, we want to be a point of reference for the digital transformation of companies operating in the retail and service sectors. We put at their disposal many years of experience during which we have been at their side in the management of sales points and infrastructure projects, but also in the design and implementation of marketing automation systems up to the development of innovative blockchain technology solutions to support supply chain processes. Being able to mix a deep knowledge of markets with a specialized technical expertise, our goal is to create a competitive advantage backing your company in the best strategic and operational choices which we follow from design to adoption and support with all the necessary technological skills.

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