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We support production realities when creating new operational and business models thanks to powerful technological skills.

Never before has the manufacturing industry had to manage such rapid and sudden changes, both internal, linked to new technological levers and the evolution of working models, and external, linked to the dynamics of the global market. The system is putting strong pressure on the industry: it demands agility, flexibility and tight time-to-market that do not sacrifice product quality. That’s why managing projects in the best possible way, optimising investments, processes and production cycles, eliminating inefficiencies, developing new management models for supply chains and shaping a new level of relation with the customer are the keys to success.

The level of the challenge is very high, but in Digix the manufacturing industry finds an ally capable of accompanying it through all the changes, both small and big, that it has to face in order to achieve its future. We support your company in defining the most appropriate transformation strategies, we help you to optimise your investments, processes and R&D procedures, to align your engineering teams with high-level planning and to measure the progress of your R&D projects. We imagine – and then put into practice – new operational and business models based on cutting-edge technological solutions that we fully take care of, from design to development, right through to the necessary adoption.

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