Transforming your business reality and embracing a Smart Working mode (Full or Partial) is not just a technological issue, reducing everything to which platform to use, but it is rather amodel to be adopted, level of companymaturity and level of innovation.

Digix has changed its way of working, and this initially forced us, and then taught us, a change of mentality, a change of approach. Now we are able toshare the new model with our customers, supporting their Digital Transformation initiative.

Everything passes through dynamics of simplification which, if activated in a coherent and often far-sighted way, are the enabling factor for the success of new organizational models, not only for Smart Working, but also for the Subscription Economy.

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In these models, the collaboration between people plays a fundamental role in achieving the objectives. We have recently seen how traditional collaborative methods have changed and in some cases the change represents a point of no return.

The technologies have remained the same. Instead, we have changed their frequency and methods of use. This explains why we need to be more focused on the concrete possibility of enabling new successful collaborative methods.

Today it is necessary to rethink how to definitively place people and their professionalism   at the center of collaboration processes.

Let’s leave the voice to our co-founders! Have a good vision!