Energy, Engineering and Infrastructure

We support companies to manage large projects, backing them in the adoption of the best solutions and collaborating with them from planning to execution

The energy industry is going through a period of deep change: the ever-increasing decentralisation, the energy storage phenomenon, electric mobility and innovative paradigms such as Smart Grid and Smart City create new visions and opportunities, but also many new players and innovative business models, making it a very promising and dynamic sector. As for Engineering & Construction, it is characterised by a constant increase in project complexity, very narrow margins and an extremely competitive scenario that requires companies to plan, manage and execute projects perfectly.

Digital transformation provides appropriate responses to both sectors, being able to maximise productivity, shape innovative business models and reduce inefficiencies in project planning and execution. Especially in the E&C world, embarking on a process of change enabled by innovative technical solutions is a real necessity if you want to remain competitive, manage project costs in the best possible way and ensure on-time and on-budget delivery.

At Digix, we are aware that large projects require precise planning using advanced support technologies. Our certified professionals can help your company to adopt the right solutions, working with you from the planning stage through to execution. Actually, we specialise in supporting companies in projects having an average duration of between 5 and 15 years, but also in the development and adoption of collaborative digital solutions aimed at improving planning accuracy, ensuring the best possible execution and strict compliance with contractual obligations.

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