After the period of emergency that affected all of us last winter, we now end up having to manage a phase of progressive recovery of all activities, each in the manner most suited to the development of the business.

For sure Smart Working activities will continue, and in some cases will be enhanced, whereas the progressive reactivation of other activities cannot be separated from an analysis of the work organization aimed at containing the risk through the remodulation of spaces and workstations, timetables and process planning.

Ensuring adequate levels of health and safety protection for all workers involves three key aspects:


Social distancing must be maintained within the working environment in compliance with specifications and standards that may vary according to, for example, the NACE codes.


Which consists mainly in all the actions useful to eliminate the risks of contagion: this is therefore a fundamental point.


Thus the birth of new organisational models which can enable operation aiming to safeguard business continuity and priorities in an intelligent way.

And it is precisely starting from the planning aspects that Digix proposes a series of technological solutions that support companies in these ways. The aim is to ensure that, along with the health of each employee, compliance with new rules of conduct can be guaranteed, together with concrete support for business development.

In particular, our technological approach makes it possible to:

  • Organize workstations
  • Reserve and manage workstation requirements
  • Plan attendance
  • Monitor existing situations
  • Notify messages or alerts