We accompany companies in the digital transformation with solutions that create value by making people agile.

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Ours is an ambitious goal: guide businesses through all the challenges they face to reach the future, using digital transformation to accelerate the process. Digix stands for Digital Experience and that’s exactly what we promise: an all-round digital experience, ranging from strategic consulting to the development and implementation of innovative digital solutions that make employees agile and improve business.

Digix rests on solid foundations. Our team of more than 70 certified professionals has been providing for years concrete answers to the growth needs of companies in sectors such as Finance, Retail, Engineering, Manufacturing and Energy. We have worked with more than 200 companies and can boast numerous certifications and high levels of partnership with the world’s largest vendors whose technologies we use to develop concrete solutions with measurable results.

Ours is a holistic approach focused on business needs and is strongly personalised according to the characteristics of the company and the reference market. This strategy ensures that we do not (merely) achieve better technological solutions, but a more efficient business.


  • Consulting

    Holistic approach to companies' innovation needs and constant focus on business objectives: how to achieve, measure and improve them.

  • Technology

    Design, development and integration of technological solutions aimed at making business more efficient and accelerating results.

  • People

    The guarantee of a flexible approach aimed at the adoption of solutions that back the Digital Transformation strategy.


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