Customer Relationship Management
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Customer Relationship Management

We help companies design effective customer experiences to attract new customers, build lasting relationships and strengthen trust.

Acquiring new customers and bringing them closer to you in a relationship of trust is what successful companies – thus those able to design effective and rewarding customer experiences and make the most of the related business opportunities – have in common.

CRM helps companies manage relationships and interactions with customers, fosters collaboration between functions, enables to shape the best possible customer journey and provide customers with a personalised service. Adopting it is a key step in the company’s evolutionary process towards a data-driven company capable of transforming information into business opportunities. It is also a cultural, important and profound change: as such, it must be managed in the best possible way.

That’s why at Digix we don’t just provide and customize a software platform, we go far beyond that because we are interested in driving – and we are able to do so – the whole process of change triggered by the CRM: our goal is to ensure that the company generates value through innovation, i.e. utilizes the CRM to create unforgettable customer experiences, but also to generate collaboration, attract new customers and secure loyalty of the existing ones, make the most of data and grow through digital.

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