Digix can boast specialist skills and experience in the area of Customer Relationship Management: the company supports its customers in the process that ranges from the evaluation of sales operational processes, customer service and lead generation up to the design of new, more effective models and the implementation of customised technological solutions that are functional so to achieve the established objectives. The expected benefits relate to the optimisation of the sales funnel, the improvement of customer service performance, the consolidation of customer knowledge, the definition of strategic information and much more.

In particular, Digix collaborated with a well-known multinational company operating in the mining and metal extraction field whose need was precisely to simplify its activities by defining a single company-wide sales process to be implemented on a state-of-the-art platform that would also enable the consolidation of opportunities, customers and contacts. Moreover, an integrated opportunity approval process based on risk classification assessment has been implemented on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform to improve the performance and the monitoring capacity of the entire organisation.

Thanks to the CRM project, the customer service processes for the spare parts sale, maintenance and modernisation are distributed throughout the organisation, i.e. worldwide: in other words, not only have the processes been simplified and optimised, but they are also consistent in all areas of the world where the company operates. All this reflected in efficiency, productivity, cost reduction and, above all, simplification of procedures. Moreover, a database containing data on the company’s products and competitors has been implemented within the platform: this made possible to determine when competitors’ end-of-life assets could be replaced at the final customer’s premises.

Finally, among the benefits of the project we can mention the improvement of budget monitoring thanks to consistent and easy to interpret views as well as the implementation of monitoring processes aimed at maintaining data quality.