In a very particular and unprecedented historical period like the one we are experiencing, the evolution of the work dynamics, methods and models is almost an obligation for most companies. Therefore, albeit in different ways and at different times, the Digital Workplace paradigm is emerging: a model centred on digital and collaborative work tools that are secure and capable of guaranteeing a very high level of collaboration completely independent of presence and physical proximity.

Digix works daily with Italian companies that want to modernize their Workplace, managing end-to-end projects ranging from the assessment of the current situation (Assessment) to the development and implementation of collaborative platforms, from the review of work processes to the entire adoption process.

In this regard, a very interesting case involved a large steel group which, taking advantage of a deep company reorganisation, decided to change its working model which was still bound to traditional schemes and dynamics. Digix fully managed the project which had a significant impact on several business areas, including production, by developing a process of customization and adoption of the Office365 platform which today contributes strongly to business productivity. Through the various project execution phases, the platform has been integrated with the employees’ daily activities with the clear aim of exploiting the synergies between the tools and collaborative functionalities of the Microsoft platform. The project in fact involved all the main Office365 applications.

More in detail, the project has been organized in several collaborative sessions to improve adoption levels and has been divided into five phases:

  • Learning, which aim was to transmit to the Ambassadors the key elements of the various applications;
  • Analysis, fundamental to collect and rationalize the collaborative input from the various departments through the Ambassadors;
    Process Re-engineering, i.e. a review of collaborative processes focusing on the potential of the Office365 platform;
  • Development, during which the Ambassadors shared the new collaborative processes with colleagues and collaborators;
  • Support, a post-release phase useful for resolving doubts and answering any uncertainties.

All this, with the clear aim of modernising work dynamics, reviewing processes and achieving the productivity and efficiency levels that markets are calling for.