In large realities, where even the single data represents a strategic asset, there are times when it is necessary to “break” the patterns inherited from the past to identify and implement the scenarios of the future.

This is the experience of Crédit Agricole Vita linked to the monthly production of accounting reporting documents with reference to maintenance, purchase and proceeds.
An important set of data that act as an enabling factor for the disbursement of the policies themselves.

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An activity that has always been carried out with professionalism and success, but which has gradually generated a considerable effort, in a mix of conditions linked to old procedures and tools that are not always aligned with new needs.

It is the Crédit Agricole Vita team that has developed internally the need to improve its efficiency by digitizing its way of working. And when identifying a reference partner for the project, the choice fell on Digix

The proposed solution passes through a phase of Analysis & amp; Design which turned out to be the real keystone of the whole experience.

A phase that allowed us to intervene both on the aspects relating to the process and on the purely technological ones, working in a well-defined operational context of reference.

Subsequently, it was possible to define a prototype and a subsequent release of an effective and sustainable solution, both from a technological and a budget point of view, also considering the data governance and data quality requirements.

The expertise and certifications that Digix can put into play specifically with the solutions Microsoft 365 , have done the rest.
The direct and tangible results were not only the release of the new CCS – Commission Control System, but rather a series of benefits that are the consequence of a new way of working:

• Greater precision and focus on objectives
• Less waste of time and energy

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