For large companies operating in the financial services market, an effective Project Portfolio Management solution enables to select the best project mix, balance the portfolio efficiently, monitor project planning and execution, accelerate time-to-market, evaluate new opportunities and, last but not least, optimize investments and balance them perfectly with strategic priorities.

This market includes a major insurance company operating worldwide for which Digix implemented Broadcom’s Clarity PPM solution aligning its existing processes with IT best practice, taking into account the complexity and dimension of the company as well as the number of end-users that was close to 2,500. The project, which required the replacement of 6 existing tools, enabled the client to simplify the implementation of projects and programmes, achieving greater reliability in delivery.

The direct consequences have been reduced costs, improved budget planning, better allocation of resources and simplified decision-making processes. Advanced monitoring, Business Intelligence and reporting capabilities have enabled the client to align investments with strategic priorities, while the centralised data model provided by Clarity has reduced both the time and cost required to access and retrieve information.